For my undergraduate senior thesis, I focused on developing a solution for the urban business woman and her need to carry multiple bags.


I began by conducting observational research in two urban locations to determine the target persona and better understand their daily habits.

Among the target consumer, quantitative research was done to uncover their primary concerns.

A trend analysis compiled of popular colors, textures and styles was developed for the target consumer.


The initial design began by looking at the female form to ensure a design that contoured to a woman’s body.


The primary focus was around organization, versatility and style. Eventually a concept emerged that seamlessly transformed from a shoulder bag to a backpack. A full-scale preliminary prototype demonstrates the two distinct functionalities.

Final Design

Unlike any other handbag, Zag quickly transitions from a sophisticated shoulder bag to a sporty backpack making it ideal for any situation throughout the day.

Technical details, patterns, color schemes and branding were all developed to show the manufacturing specifications.