VacciNation is a systematic approach to document children’s vaccination records for developing countries that utilized both physical and digital records.

Gates Foundation Challenge
Award: Data Visualization
Partner: Yian Ling Cheong

Exploratory Research

We began the research process by analyzing existing vaccination records from around the world. These records were cut into cards and used while interviewing doctors and healthcare volunteers about their experiences in developing countries.


To better understand the necessary information for mothers and care providers we developed rough prototypes as we ideated the form.


Working through iterations of prototypes we developed a modular physical document that can be easily digitized through a mobile app.

Final Design

The final design of the physical records keeps all sensitive health information discrete while hanging prominently on the families wall to remind about upcoming appointment dates to ensure the necessary vaccinations are administered.

The mothers information is clearly overlaid on the growth chart so she can learn about the child’s development as the child grows.

Cut away pages allow a healthcare provider or national surveyor to see an overview of the child’s vaccinations by quickly flipping to the last page.

After a mother visits a clinic she receives a colored sticker corresponding to the stage of vaccination her child has just completed. She will then place the sticker on a community map at the clinic to indicate where she lives.

A community effort tracks the vaccination progress of children living in the vicinity. Every month, health care providers or surveyors can take a photograph of the map and upload it to VacciNation.org. Healthcare providers can understand the vaccination trends in their area to make more informed decisions and projections.

The mobile app allows the map and physical health record to be digitalized through photographs. With just three photos, an entire medical record of a child can be digitalized by the healthcare provider and added to a national database that further analyzes national healthcare trends.

Over time, the website can track campaign success, predict epidemics, analyze healthcare trends, review societal needs and reevaluate national goals and strategies. By better understanding regional needs, VacciNation.org can show caring citizens throughout the world how their contributions will help improve neighboring nations.