The Learning Lunchbox is a tool to help children pack a healthy and balanced lunch. Color, portion sizes, parental monitoring USDA recommendations are all incorporated into the Learning Lunchbox system.


A decision tree was developed after doing secondary research on educational tools for teaching health and nutrition basics to children. Following recommendations by the USDA, the decision tree followed guidelines about having a meal that is half fruits and vegetables and half grains and proteins.


Based on the decision tree, rough screens were sketched to explore the interface and flow of packing a lunch.

Final Design

The final design uses a playful style, vivid images and clear details about how to pack nutritious recommendations.

After choosing all lunch preferences, the child is prompted to do a quick check to see how many colors are packed in their lunch. This is another way to ensure balanced meals.

Parents can use an online portal to check their children’s eating habits, nutritional intake and even recommended grocery lists based on consumption trends.

Future Implementation

In the future, this system could be incorporated into physical lunch boxes, making the system even more connected.